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Wealth is a journey...
be prepared.
We help business owners and families plan for wealth’s journey with clarity, diligence and confidence.

How do your resources affect your life choices?
How will your decisions affect your resources?

It can be overwhelming to think about the totality of one’s life. We’ve always thought of life as a journey, throughout which we acquire certain resources that influence our choices and the paths we take - your wealth journey. These resources can include: values, capital, time, community and assets.


The Wealth Journey Process
At Raskin Planning Group, we help you embrace your wealth journey.

No matter where you are in your wealth or life, both are a journey worth planning well for.

Our six step process is one we’ve developed and implemented for each of our dedicated clients. Our process sets the standard for how we work and who we work with; only those committed to the journey.


5 Challenges When Planning Your Wealth Journey

In this paper we discuss five challenges you’ll need to overcome, to create and deploy a fulfilling and successful wealth plan. It will help you make decisions about your today’s and tomorrow’s, whether your journey lasts another 10 or 50 years.


6 Critical Steps to Exit Your Business on Your Terms

In this paper, discover six steps for exiting your business on your terms. Plus, learn ways you can increase the probability of meeting both your personal and business goals along the way.