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Our Process

The Wealth Journey Process

No matter where you are in your wealth or life, both are a journey worth planning well for.

Our six step process is one we’ve developed and implemented for each of our dedicated clients. Our process sets the standard for how we work and who we work with; only those committed to the journey.

Visualize It.

What do you really want? How do you see your future unfolding? What's your purpose?

One of our unique abilities is helping our clients get to their truths; what they really want, why and how.

Plan It.

Where are you at? Where are you headed? How will you get there?

We work to create plans that are aligned with what you want and help you make the necessary decisions likely to lead to a successful journey.

Manage It.

How can you simplify and organize your financial world? What investments are you comfortable with? Is your estate optimized? Are your income and assets protected?

We dive deep into the details of your plan. We consider appropriateness, accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Track It.

Are you on the right track? How will you know? Has anything changed in your world? Has anything changed in the world of finance, economics or tax law?

We monitor progress and account for changes every year from here on. We recalibrate when needed.

Live It.

Are you carrying through with your dreams? Are you living your life?

We're here to support you living the life you want, both financially and personally.

Pass It.

Are you passing on your values and wealth to the people and to the community that are most important to you?

We work with clients to ensure they are effectively and thoughtfully communicating and transferring their wealth and values.

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