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Small Business Owners

We Like Complicated and Challenging.

Every business owner we meet is a unique opportunity for us to make a huge difference. This is why they (you) are such an intriguing group of people to work with.

Challenges Every Business Owner Faces:

Challenges Every Business Owner Faces:

  • Will my kids want to take over the business? If not, who will?
  • Who will want to buy my business? How much is it worth?
  • What happens if myself or a key employee leaves, dies or gets injured/sick?
  • How much should I take out of the business for retirement?
  • What’s the most efficient way to take money out of my business?
  • Am I paying too much in taxes?

"As an experienced advisor, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping business owners leverage their business equity and income to achieve their personal and family dreams."

- Peter Raskin

At Raskin Planning Group, we take great pleasure and pride in helping Small Business Owners (SMBOs) create a vision for their retirement and legacy. Entrepreneurs typically don’t take the time to visualize and document their personal dreams because they’re busy building, growing and managing their business. That’s where we come in - we make the time to ask the hard questions, help the SMBOs plan ahead and integrate their business and personal goals.

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